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Friday, November 20, 2009

#25 - Weekly list - the 3rd edition

This week's list will be comprised of things that I am looking forward to - short term and/or long term.  Feel free to join me in sharing what you are looking forward to....
  • The incisions from yesterday's gall bladder surgery healing - although they are fabulous incentive to avoid a c-section at all costs in the future!
  • Finding and hiring a fabulous new physical therapist so I don't have to work a gazillion hours a week.  
  • Being surrounded by fabulous family for the holidays
  •  The completion of the new floor in my living room.  (We started this project in June, in anticipation of Gracie's arrival.  We ripped up the old, nasty carpet and purchased laminate flooring to hold us over until we start the big renovations on the first floor of the house in a few years.  Circumstances surrounding Gracie's arrival brought this project to a complete stand still, and the floor is still not done - but it's getting there!)
  • My husband continuing to move through his grief.  I am so blessed to be married to the love of my life, but we are definitely in two different places in our grief.  This makes it difficult to understand each other and sometimes creates tension.
  • My next pregnancy, which will most hopefully end in welcoming a rainbow baby into our family late in 2010!


Bree said...

I'm looking forward to bringing my rainbow baby home too.

Jessica said...

I am looking forward to conceiving and becoming pregnant with our rainbow baby.

I want to say I am looking forward to the holidays, but not sure how I feel about that yet.

I look forward to spending some quality time with DH over the next few weeks.