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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

March for Babies 2012

This year's walk was at the beginning of May.  Our previous walk location was combined with another regional walk, and once we arrived, we understood why.  Our previous location drew only about 150 walkers.  The new combined walk drew somewhere around 800 walkers.  Pretty impressive for this area. 

Team Graciebelle had 4 walkers and a ride along.  Our parents all bailed on walking this year; maybe next year will be different.  With the help of our team, our family and our friends, we raised a grand total of $3855.65 this year.  Our team goal was $5500; even though we fell a little short, $3800 isn't too shabby.  Thank you to all who donated to our efforts!! 

Team Graciebelle 2012

 Jenna standing next to her Ambassador poster from last year's walk. 

Baby Loss Awareness Pins

Updated 2/12/2015

We still have pins available if anyone is interested in purchasing. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing remembrance/awareness pins, please let me know.  We ordered a bunch of these a couple years ago to donate to the memory boxes that our hospital gives to families.  Sadly, we went through them quickly.  When it was time to order more, I could not find them for less than $8 each, which was way too costly for us in terms of total spent for the number ordered.  I looked around, and with the help of my friend, Dawn, was able to find them direct from the manufacturer.  We had to order a minimum of 500 pins (which was still way cheaper than ordering the 200 we wanted at $8 each), so now we have a ton of them.  I am sure that we will use them eventually, but I figured that I would offer them up for sale if anyone wants them for family or donations, etc.

Cost is $2.00 per pin, plus shipping (dependent upon how many you order).  Email me at
sand0113 gmail dot com if you are interested in purchasing.