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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Loss Awareness Pins

Updated 2/12/2015

We still have pins available if anyone is interested in purchasing. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing remembrance/awareness pins, please let me know.  We ordered a bunch of these a couple years ago to donate to the memory boxes that our hospital gives to families.  Sadly, we went through them quickly.  When it was time to order more, I could not find them for less than $8 each, which was way too costly for us in terms of total spent for the number ordered.  I looked around, and with the help of my friend, Dawn, was able to find them direct from the manufacturer.  We had to order a minimum of 500 pins (which was still way cheaper than ordering the 200 we wanted at $8 each), so now we have a ton of them.  I am sure that we will use them eventually, but I figured that I would offer them up for sale if anyone wants them for family or donations, etc.

Cost is $2.00 per pin, plus shipping (dependent upon how many you order).  Email me at
sand0113 gmail dot com if you are interested in purchasing.  

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