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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I remarked not long ago about some of the amazing women in baby loss blogland who offer other grieving parents a route of expression and remembrance as they make this journey.  Below I have posted pictures of Gracie's hope collage and Gracie's butterfly - both provided by some of these wonderful women.  Thank you, ladies, for your amazing work!

The hope collage was done by Franchesca Cox, whose first born child, Jenna Belle, lived only 13 days.  Her story and other collages can be found by visiting Abiding Hope Collages

 The butterfly was done by Bree, who lost her daughter Ella at 23 weeks in March.  Bree's story and Ella's parade of butterflies can be found at My Baby Butterfly Ella


Jill said...

Beautiful! It is so amazing how moms reach out to one another and what wonderful things people like Franchesca and Bree do. I am so thankful to all the moms out there who have reached out to me and given me more to remember my babies by. Gracie will be forever loved just like the collage says. xoxo

Bree said...

Gracie's collage is beautiful. I too am so grateful for all of the support I've received online. We are a bunch of amazing women.

Anonymous said...

Franchesca did a beautiful job on the collage and Bree did a beautiful job with Gracie's butterfly. Both women are truely amazing.

Our Family said...

Beautiful collages -- just found your blog. I am a member of this unfortunate club joined three days before you with the death of my sweet son. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have been so amazed at these women for doing what they do.