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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#14 - Footprints on Our Hearts

Footprints on our Hearts

This tiny set of footprints is all we have of you.
When you were taken from us, our hopes and dreams were too.
We miss you oh so much, Our precious little girl.
Our lives are filled with sadness now, instead of filled with joy. 

Our arms are empty, our eyes are filled with tears.
You were what we'd waited for, for oh so many years.
You were so very beautiful; perfect hands and feet, tiny nose and eyes.
What we would have given though, just to hear you cry.

Coming home without you wasn't what we'd dreamed.
Looking at your empty crib makes me want to scream.
We had so many plans for you, so many things to do.
Now we're left with shattered dreams, crying without you.

We wish you could have stayed with us, we loved you from the start.
Now all we have are memories, and your footprints on our hearts.

~ Author unknown


heathermohr said...

This is absolutely perfect.

Jessica said...

what a beautiful poem.

Jill said...

Simply beautiful **tears**