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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had our follow-up / pre-conceptual visit with the 'higher risk' guy in our OB practice tonight.  It was a good talk - he answered most of my questions before I asked them, which is always a good thing!  He went over everything step by step with us again, with everything culminating in a big 'We just don't know.'   We did get a bit of new information about the placental infarct - I had a 25-30% infarct of the surface tissue, which is just a little different than what we had originally been working with.  At the end of the 3rd trimester, it is normal to have up to 25% infarct of the surface tissue, as opposed to the deeper tissue.  So I had, perhap, a bit more surface tissue death than is considered to be 'normal,' but infarct itself was not nearly as note-worthy as we had originally thought.

In addition to the Lovenox avenue that I had discussed in previous posts, Jeff and I had also discussed just trying baby Aspirin during subsequent pregnancies.  This was the Doc's suggestion prior to me even asking any questions.  We did discuss the Lovenox option a little bit, but he felt that it was not really necessary unless we were to identify problems developing during the next pregnancy.  We discussed the referral to the MFM docs; he said that if I wanted to see them, that it was an option, however he did not feel it necessary.  After talking with him tonight, I agree...but if Jeff and I change our minds at any point and decide that we want to schedule a consult, we won't have a problem getting the referral.

Essentially, I am medically cleared and we have the green light.  It was made quite clear tonight that they will be watching me like hawks during subsequent pregnancies, as anyone with common sense might expect.  We will be free to schedule with the midwives, with just a few extra physician slots next time around, so that makes me happy.

I had another appointment yesterday - one that I have been dreading and avoiding for the last 13 weeks.  The salon.  I live in a small town where everyone knows about Gracie, but unfortunately I don't get my hair cut here - I go to the next small town, and no one at my salon know about Gracie.  I was prepared for the questions, and did okay.  Most importantly, my mop feels a lot better!!

Turning the corner from the appointments to the school job has me in contact with several school psychologists on a regular basis.  They are all women about my age or a little older, and they are all so funny.  Every time they see me they check to see how I am - they like to shrink my head a little bit.  It's cute....and actually kind of helpful sometimes.  I talked at length with one of them a few weeks ago, and she told me about something that she did when she lost a close relative.  I wasn't sure at first - it seemed kind of hokey - but the more I think about it, the more I like it.  People who know me will love this - she made lists.  (I am totally a list maker - for everything)  She made a list once a week to remind herself about all of the good things in her life.  One week it was things she was thankful for, one week perhaps people she missed - and why, one week it was good things that the future held, etc.  She kept her lists in a journal, but I don't have a journal.  I do, however, have this very handy little blog.  So....I am going to give it a shot.  Once a week, starting tonight.  You are all welcome to join me, either here or in your own blogs.  

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Anonymous said...

getting the green light can be bittersweet. Prayers to you for peace and healing as you prepare to try again. I am going through that now and finding it more emotional then I anticipated. *hugs*