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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 15 - What I Like About My House

My house is about 110 years old and it's huge - about 3300 square feet.  I love that it has lots of history, and I love that it has lots of space for us to fill it up with kids and still have room to move without tripping over each other.  I love that, in addition to a full basement, it has a full attic...lots of room for storage and plenty of space for an attic bedroom should it be needed in the future.  There are two staircases from the first to the second floor - both are still original oak.  Should Jeff and I still be in this house when we get old and decrepit, we can put a lift chair in one stairwell to allow us to still get up and down without blocking or detracting from the main staircase.

What I don't like is that this house sits about 10' from the street (so no front  yard at all) and the outside gets very dirty very quickly.  It also needs a complete makeover inside, which we are slowing working on (donations accepted!!).  Many of the rooms still have horse hair plaster walls, some of which are covered up with drywall.  Some of the electric is new, some is really old.  The house is far from being air tight, and nothing is level or square.  We might get everything finished by the time our youngest child, which has yet to be conceived, graduati


Holly said...

Wow you have a really old house! I bet it's pretty! Then it reminded me of those old houses you see on those ghost shows. Do you have any ghosts in your house?

Susan said...

Holly, we haven't encountered any ghosts!!