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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Met a BLM Today

I unexpectedly met a BLM today.  Our meeting had nothing to do with the fact that we are BLMs, in fact she has no idea that I am one.  Because of paperwork involved, I knew before I met her in person that she was a BLM, but even if I hadn't, her very subtle necklace would have given it away.  How much does it suck that we can identify each other simply by certain types of jewelery???

On a brighter note, but butterflies have struck again.  I was seeing kids at summer school today and noticed a bulletin board that some of the kids had done.  They had made butterflies out of their hands and put them all over a paper tree...I just stared at it for a minute and wondered if suddenly Gracie is like some of her friends and using butterflies as a sign.  And while we are on consistent signs from Gracie, I should mention that I saw 4 displays of Styrofoam coolers over the weekend...but I think i would rather focus on the butterflies.  


Supposed to be... "Mama G"... said...

Yes, Butterflies are much better. Gracie would be enjoying her time as a butterfly, and sending messages to all her friends to say "hey, there's my mom...wave hi!"... I am pretty sure Kheri would be the one flying in crazy circles ;)

Malory said...

Loving these signs :)

Jill said...

I actually find myself looking at people's jewelry more closely now. Love the signs!

Antoinette said...

I look around now and I wonder HOW many of the people i see are BLM and BLD. I wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for your words, thank you. I also wanted to tell you that EVERY time I see red coolers I think of Gracie and after I think of her I think of how your daughter has touched me with this sign. Butterflies are so beautiful and its the ONE thing that can make me smile even when im my saddest.....thinking of you xoxo

Maggie said...

I often wonder if people see my necklace I wear and wonder what the tiny little ring is about. Those that know me probably know, but others? I think only BLM would be able to guess. Love those signs! Gracie has a lot of butterfly friends, so maybe it's starting to rub off! :)