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Monday, April 19, 2010


These pictures are for Katie, who asked tonight how Carley is settling in.  Overall, she is settling in very well...especially considering that she came from an Amish farm where 24 dogs (in addition to Carley and her puppy) and 2 horses were seized...not an overly loving environment.   We anticipate that she will be with us for several years to come, and we are very confident that she will be good with kids...

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday; Jeff and I took the dogs with us when we went to Gracie's grave to release balloons, plant a couple flowers and do a little clean up.  (Carley is on the left, Morgan is on the right)

I took this picture yesterday - they were sacked out in front of the warm morning fire. I have lost the couch forever.   :-)


Antoinette said...

I love sweet and so cozy too, my DH wants to bring my dogs to the cemetery sure Gracie loved to have them there too :)

Maggie said...

Your dogs are so cute! :)

Bree said...

I love that you took the dogs to see their sister. xo

Anonymous said...

So I will give this a try...the pictures of the dogs are so cute especially the one with them on the couch. It's over you are never getting it back! :) katie