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Sunday, April 25, 2010

March for Babies

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather for our walk yesterday.  When all was said and done, we turned in $1098 in donations.  I could not be happier with how much money we raised!!  Overall, it was a good day, but the underlying reason for being there just sucks ass.  I ran into an acquaintance from high school who was walking with a group of L&D nurses - it was good to see her.  Believe it or not, it never occurred to me before I got there yesterday that I would probably see some of the kids that I provide service for - what a novel concept, considering that they all have some sort of special need.  I did, in fact, run into several parents and/or kids that I have worked with over the last few years.  I had one chance encounter that was not overly pleasant, but it's not really something that I can write about here in case the wrong people happy to wander into my blog.  I will be glad to share details with inquiring minds who want to email me... (but it's not really that interesting)    :-)

A few pictures of our picture perfect day....


Maggie said...

Glad you had a nice walk! Looks like you had a nice day! You're right, the underlying reason of being there does pretty much just suck ass. Nevertheless, you got some great donations! :)

Holly said...

Glad the sun was shining for you on your walk! And that's a wonderful amount that was raised!!

Kathi said...

I glad it was a lovely day and you got to honour so many babies

JenJen said...

Yay for good weather! Glad to see that your walk was good!

Good job with the fundraising!