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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fellow BLM's Story

If you haven't 'met' fellow BLM, Mandy, I urge you to visit her blog and read her family's story at From Under the Weeping Willow.  Just over a month ago she lost her full-term son to Potter's Syndrome; what makes her situation so tragically unique is that this is the second child that she has lost to Potter's Syndrome.  I have been following her blog for about two months now, and I find her spirit to be amazingly inspiring.  If you have a moment, head over and send her some love.


Mary said...

Her story is amazing. I had just started following her right before she gave birth to Eli. I cannot believe the amazing spirit this woman posesses after losing 2 children. She is amazing!

Mandy said...

Thank you, Susan, for your love sent my way! I can hardly view myself as inspiring since I feel like I'm swimming through mud most days but your comment nonetheless touches my heart. I have read about Gracie, she is a beautiful little girl and her absence is so strongly felt. -Mandy