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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Question #7

Question #7 will be the final question, unless anyone out there has more.  :-)   This question came via email with the other anonymous question, so I have no idea who it is from.  The question was "We know you in terms of being Gracie's mom, but who else are you?  Tell us some fun and random facts about yourself."  

Okay...some fun and random facts....  For those who have been reading here for a while, this may be somewhat of a repeat, as I did a weekly list similar to this long ago.  But here is a new list pulled off the top of my head...
  • I am a wife to my soul mate, Jeff.  We have been married for 2 years, but together for 16.  
  • I am mama to a bunch of 'fur' babies...we have 5 cats and 2 dogs at home; my office houses 2 cockatiels and a 180 gallon salt water aquarium.  
  • I am a physical therapist - I do special needs pediatrics in a school based / Early Intervention based setting, and I also do outpatient orthopedics.  I am my own boss, with 2 other employees; some days it was the best thing I ever did, some days not so much.
  • I have been a firefighter for 15  years.  (It's what I do in my 'spare' time.)  In that time I have worked my way up to the rank of Deputy Chief within my department.  
  • I also do a lot in the realm of technical rescue.  I am part of PA's regional Urban Search and Rescue team, filling HazMat Specialist, Rescue Specialist and Technical Search Specialist slots.  In 2007 I received the state's Rescue Technician of the Year award.  
  •  I hate drama, and I very quickly grow intolerant of stupid, childish, petty B.S.
  • I hate cleaning the bathroom and washing dishes.  :-)   I manage to soak myself every time I do dishes, and I cannot wait until we remodel the kitchen in a few years so I can buy a dishwasher!!!  
  • I enjoy photography, softball, cooking/baking and sewing, although I rarely have time for any of them.  
  • I enjoy hiking, but don't do nearly enough of it.  I would like to try my hand at kayaking, but we just keep running out of time.  
  • I am a life long New York Yankee fan (please don't hold it against me), but really couldn't care less about most other sports. 
  • I love to travel.  I am hoping to go to Namibia, Africa in the spring to see my sister, who is there until December 2011 with the Peace Corps. 


Antoinette said...

ok i LOVE that you are a firefighter, that is a new wrinkle in my brain about you!!!

and I LOVE the Yankees as well, even though I married a Mets fan :/ lol....ONLY Mets fan I ever dated...and he is also my soul mate!!

Im gonna miss the

Lori said...

No dishwasher???? I'd HATE doing the dishes too!!!!

John has a 55 gallon saltwater tank (teensy compared to yours!) and is excited to put a small nano-reef in Luke's room!!!

Rock on with your bad firefighter self!!

Supposed to be... "Mama G"... said...

Oh L-O-V-E this post! Thanks for sharing! NEVER would have guessed you are a Firefighter! :) That is awesome!

Andrea said...

I love taking pics, dappled a few years in fastball, baking and did some sewing and LOVE the outdoors too! I wish I had more time for things like this too.

You need to get that dishwasher ASAP! We didn't have one in our old house and love that we have one now. I don't think we would ever have any clean dishes if we didn't!

Maggie said...

I think the most shocking thing out of all these is the fact you have no dishwasher! I think I would be eating off of paper plates if that were me! :)

Holly said...

I liked this question b/c we learned a little more about you!