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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Coming Days --- A Give-away and Some Questions

Next Thursday will mark 11 months since my little peanut was born peaceful and still...which means that we are only one month from marking her first birthday.  The impending anniversary has stirred up many, many thoughts for me over the last few weeks, some of which I may touch on here over the next few weeks.  The year has gone so fast, yet seemed to stand still at the same time, and it just doesn't seem possible that my first born should be almost a year old.  I think that we have decided to do a simple dinner with family and a balloon release to 'celebrate'.  I have noticed that I am also getting closer to 100 posts...I think that I have 15 or 16 to go at this point.  It is possible that I will hit 100 posts around Gracie's birthday, but it is more likely that it will happen closer to the one year anniversary of when I started blogging, which is September 29th. 

I have been thinking about whether or not I want to do anything here on Gracie's blog to mark her birthday and/or to mark my 100th post.  I am strongly considering giving her blog a makeover, and will likely get in touch with Franchesca to help me with watch for a new look over the next couple of months.  I have also decided that I will do a giveaway for her birthday.  I was hoping to give away a gift certificate to The Midnight Orange, however her Etsy shop is presently closed.  For the time being, I am not going to change my plans, with hopes that her shop will be open again in the very near future.  If her shop is not open by August 1st, I will pick an alternate vendor.

To enter Gracie's birthday give-away, leave a comment here on this post.  Tell me your baby's name and birthday (I know many of them, but not all of them), and tell me something very special about them...something that you will hold with you forever, something that will never leave your mind and your heart.  I will pick and announce a winner (using some time between August 1st and 8th.  

To mark my approach to 100 posts, I think that I will follow some of the other ladies and field some questions from all of those inquiring minds out there.  There are not too many things that I will not answer, so ask away.  Leave your questions here in the comment section and I will start answering them in the near future.



Lori said...

Just wanted to say I was thinking of you and sending you love...and SO feel the same about time--it's dragged each day and seems SO dead....yet I can't believe how quickly it's accumulated.

Mrs. Mother said...

The one year anniversary was hard on me. I am coming up on two years now.

My baby's name is Jenna Grace. She was born Aug. 12, 2008. She was so loved by her family and her friends. When she was diagnosed with Trisom 18, we hadn't decided on a name, and I wanted to do it right away. So, we were talking about it that night, and my then, five-year-old, suggested Jenna Grace.

I decided to let her name her sister because she would never get a chance to know her. I am glad we did because Tessa remembers Jenna to this day, and it was the perfect name for her. It means Fair Phantom, which is fitting because she was an apparition which appeared in our lives for such a short period of time to fill us with her grace.

Mrs. Mother said...

And, I will be thinking of you on her birthday. Big hugs.

Dawn Brown said...

My thoughts will be with you these coming weeks. With everything else we have to deal with, the one year mark is dreaded (and unavoidable) for all of us. ((HUGS))

My son's name was William Brayden, and I will never forget how very much he looked like his father. It always takes me by surprise when I look at John sleeping and suddenly (and clearly) see Brayden's peaceful face. Someday, I hope this image will make me smile instead of cry.

Kristin said...

Will be thinking of you in the coming weeks. <3

My daughter's name was Stevie Joy. She was stillborn on May 8, 2010. I will never forget the way she went crazy for spicy food. :)

Supposed to be... "Mama G"... said...

I hope the coming weeks are as peaceful as they can be for you. It really is very scary to think how quickly time passes by. Especially once we (with the help of family and friends) have finally managed to pick ourselves back up... and carry on. Once life resumes the "new normal" the days and weeks just seems to slip by. We carry our angels deep inside, forever. It is funny how every once in a while, they will visit us, in one form or another.

My daughter's name is Kherrington Faith, and she died on February 3, and was born still on February 6 2010. What I love the most about her, is how she is still here everyday, and how she has affected others' lives. Most people who knew her, and know us, are taking the time to be with those they love. She LOVED pie... She used to make the doctors "chase" her to find her heartbeat, and boy did she have her own attitude!

Maggie said...

I will be thinking of you next week and the coming month (more so than before anyway). :) Alexandra Grace was born 11/16/09. One of the most special things I'll always hold dear to my heart is holding her. As drugged up as I was, I think I can remember everything about just holding her and seeing my husband hold her. That melted my heart.

Krista said...

July 2nd is the angelversary of my twin girls Camryn & Chloe. One of the special things I will always treasure about the girls is the way they moved around on ultrasound and looked like they were pushing and kicking one another already, Sadly I lost them at 13 weeks.

Kylie's Mommy said...

My daughter has been gone now for a little over 4 months now, and after how hard everything has been on me, I can't imagine going through her first birthday. I will be praying that God will help you through this time, just like he has helped us all so far.

My daughter Kylie was born February 9,2010.. She passed away 8 short days later after a horrific accident. I'll never forget the day we made Daddy oreo cheesecake and she sat in her bouncer in the kitchen with me and stared at me like I was a crazy lady... I miss that face every day..

JamieW said...

Oliver Nathaniel was born August 20, 2009. We miss him dearly. My favorite thoughts of him are his big brother who was 18 months when he was born used to kiss him (my belly) every night and shriek in wonder at his movement. He misses him the most of anyone.

Tina said...

Thanks for the reminder!!

My angels Sophia & Ellie were born April 25, 2009. One of the happiest times was we found out we were having was such a surprise and I will never forget the look on my husband's face! I miss my sweet girls so much!

Holly said...

My little girl is Carleigh and she was born still on March 28, 2009. I remember when we had our 3D US. The first thing we noticed about her was that she had chubby cheeks just like her big sister!! It made us smile.

Holly said...

I know life changes dramatically when your baby dies, but what do you think has been the biggest change for you both so far?

What is your favorite food?

What did you want to be growing up?